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Supreme HydroSurge

In 1983, Dr Robert Loeb's dog Keesha, a Keeshond, developed "hot spots". His vet told him that they would have to shave the area where the infection existed, medicate the dog with anti inflammatory drugs and frequently bathe with medicated shampoos. Discovering how difficult it was to hand bathe a thick coated dog, Dr. Robert Loeb developed the concept of recirculating a shampoo solution with a pump to penetrate through the coat directly to the skin. To his amazement, not only did this concept bathe more effectively, it was also extremely therapeutic to the damaged skin. The pressurized solution created by the pump gently debrided(removed) the dead tissue and stimulated circulation to the affected area. After the dog's 3rd therapeutic bath, the "hot spots" began to heal and new granulation tissue began to form.

A dentist by profession, Dr. Loeb understood the significant healing power of his invention. He presented his idea to Dr. Norm Costello, DVM and together they spent the next 8 years researching and developing a safe, efficient and professional animal bathing system.

Today Hydrosurge® animal bathing systems are UL® listed for safety and proudly used by 4000 vets, grooming and kennel facilities worldwide including the one who first treat Dr. Loeb's Keeshond for "hot spots".

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