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GROOMINGDALES prides itself of providing the highest level of humane pet care. We do this in all steps of the grooming session. How do we do this?

Pre-Grooming Inspection

When you bring your pet for its grooming appointment, you will need to show proof of up to date vaccinations. We will never accept a pet that is not vaccinated as the risks of pets being exposed to diseases is very real. We will give your pet a thorough physical examination. A few things will be checked out:-
a. Eyes
b. Ears
c. Mouth
d. Skin condition
e. Anal glands

Once your pet is certified healthy, we will then accept the grooming appointment. Some people commented that this is all so unnecessary, however we beg to differ. The health of your pet is our utmost concern and it is our responsibility to make sure no pets are at any time at risk of being exposed to diseases. Should we discover any conditions that deems grooming can be stressful , you will be advised. The physical examination tells us things we are unaware. If we know your pet has a bad leg due to old age, we will make sure she has plenty of rest and most probably groom her lying down. If your pet is pregnant, or maybe there is a ear mite or flea problem, we will know the right products to use. Perhaps you have a shy dog or cat, we can arrange for a private appointment when there are no other pets around. We strongly believe that no pets should ever feel stressed during their grooming session. A grooming session is a pleasant experience that your pet looks forward to - a day where they are pampered with loving and gentle hands.

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