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Champagne and Yuki Birthday Party 2007
Birthday babies, Champagne & Yuki.
Pictures with mum & dad.
In matching outfits! Amazingly cute....Yuki's mum got these from her trip to Japan.
Dad & Champagne having a blast!
The birthday cakes....
Yuki looking so calm and cool....
Birthday song and well wishes from everyone.
Getting a taste or is it a big mouthful...hehehe
Really having a deliciously yummy time.
Tis is Yuki, in case you are wondering....
Champagne is happy as a bee!
Yuki looks so pretty...
Time for the friends to tuck in too.
Yuki just taking a break...eating is hard work!
Everyong just hanging around after the great lunch.
Oh yes, check out these cup cakes, simply too good to eat!
Check out the presents...
Yuki loves her heart shape fluffy sexy bed! Its a present from who else but Champagne!
You like it? Champagne seems pleased that Yuki's enjoying her bed.
Champagne and Yuki Birthday Party 2007
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Phoebe Birthday Party 2007
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