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Press Release & TV Coverage

Groomingdales received much support from our local press, magazines and tv media. It is an honour to be recognized as the first professional pet grooming center in Malaysia since its incorporation in year 2000. The information provided by these various media has educated the public regarding the grooming requirements of their beloved pets and given them a better understanding regarding the difference of home grooming and professional grooming. We sincerely thank these people for their continuous support all these years.

1. Pet World, August 2001

2. The Malaysian Women's Weekly, November 2001

3. The Sun, VOX magazine, 20 January 2002

4. Female Magazine, May 2002

5. Sarina, December 2002

6. The Sun Weekend, 26 February 2005

7. Nanyang Press, 30 January, 2006

8. Rainbow Magazine, April 2006

9. TV3 News, Bulletin Utama, 17 March 2002

10. TV3 Majallah 3, 14 September 2002

11. TV3 The Brand, 7 June 2003

12. TV1 The Kids Studio, 4 December 2004

13. Astro AEC, 29 January 2006

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